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Top Ten…

…Reasons Where the Wild Things Are works better as a trailer. (SPOILERS BELOW). The trailer:

  1. streamlines Max’s relationship with the Wild Things.
  2. doesn’t have over ninety minutes of hand-held camera work.
  3. doesn’t have someone’s arm being ripped off by mistake.
  4. doesn’t show Max biting his mom.
  5. condenses and simplifies the pervasive meta commentary of the movie.
  6. doesn’t cost eleven dollars.
  7. has all the best lines in it.
  8. didn’t force me to watch previews for three contemptible CG children’s movies “coming soon!”
  9. has the Arcade Fire in it.
  10. is short, mysterious, evocative…like a book I once read..

* All comments intended to be (mostly) tongue-in cheek. I enjoyed the movie.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below.


“Pray the Devil Back to Hell”

Is the name of yet another new documentary coming out about yet another genocide in Africa.

Yep, I felt pretty jaded and depressed before I even clicked on the link to watch it, especially after the recent numbing horror of reading the recent Rolling Stone article about Liberia’s Taylor family.

Then I watched it.

And it gave me goosebumps…of hope.

Watch it here.