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Cstone ’10: Tuesday

After over fifteen hours of driving, we joined a crowd in the middle of absolutely nowhere in Illinois…


@ Switchfoot.


I haven’t been a true Switchfoot fan in quite some time, but I will quickly admit they put on a very solid show. Foreman‘s voice was stronger than I’ve ever heard before from ’em in person.


I’m obviously as guilty of this as the next person, but man! it seemed like every other person had their videocameras outstretched anywhere we went.



Timbre.¬†This lady was EVERYWHERE we went–it seemed as tho each band wanted her on stage with them, from The Chariot, to mewithoutYou, to Brooke Waggoner…during one of the highlights of the night, all of the backing musicians gradually joined Timbre at her harp, plucking strings and continuing to lightly drum the rhythm on the soundboard.


Last year, I was intrigued by her first album when my brother sent it my way. Her live performance far eclipsed anything recorded I’ve heard from her so far. It was a show full of meandering volume swells and the energetic symphonic pop that marks the best of indie music today, carried along by a vocal that transfixed the attention of all the hipsters sitting in the grass around us.



Chris Thile interview…and Switchfoot

For years, one of my favorite bands has been Nickelcreek, especially after their last album. I loved the bombast and sheer anger, most of which was attributed to Thile’s divorce.

This is the first interview that I’ve found with him that acknowledges him losing his faith, as well. It’s chiefly sad to me, and reinforces my opinion that the public spotlight is a crap place for family and faith.

Trite as it sounds, I wish him the best. And hope he finds what he’s looking for…

And that his other bandmates make that record with Switchfoot they keep talking about.

Speaking of which, Jon Foreman’s solo records sound refreshingly good. Really good. ‘Cause let’s face it, Oh Gravity was alarmingly disposable. And their live bootlegs are disappointingly rough. But listen to his eps and his exceedingly welcome escape from his song-writing rut of the last three album. It’s really good.