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So, I’m increasingly noticing that flickr lightens my pictures considerably when I post them…anyone else observe this phenomena in their own use of the service? I’m starting to darken the levels in my images before I post them to compensate. Odd.

the library of congress

loc image

In addition to increasingly putting their collections online, the Library of Congress has uploaded a trial set of images onto Flickr. Which I find fascinating, because they are a). historical, b). available for common use, c). full of rare, Pre-WWII color images, and d). numerous in number and broad in scope.

I guess it’s the last one that fascinates and horrifies me the most. If there were so many images a hundred years ago that have completely flown under the public radar, what hope is there of our own having any longevity, in an era where taking pictures is even more common than picking your nose?

loc image two