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Verizon suckage

At the beginning of August, my wife and I moved out of Boalsburg, PA. Before we did, we called about canceling our highspeed-internet from Verizon. They told us that if we canceled before the end of August, we’d have to pay an early termination fee that far exceeded the remaining billing month we had left on our account. Which is total bunch of crap if you ask me, but fine, I’d play by their rules.

Needless to say, we decided to simply call back at the end of August–which I did, navigating the typical phone-system bureaucracy with aplomb for fifteen minutes before finally confirming that yes, I wanted to cancel all our high-speed services, and no, I had no need to transfer their service to my location. The experience was polite, but prolonged.

Fastforward. Last night, my wife and I realized Verizon had withdrawn two months of internet service fees since then for Sept and Oct. Clearly something was up.

I call them, first thing this morning. After being bounced between four different customer service representatives, I was finally told that they had no record of my August phone call. Would I like to transfer their service?

Photo 104

Long story short, I didn’t find the confirmation number of my first call in time to irrefutably prove I had already canceled the service (btw, at no point did they ask for such a number–it’s only after I insisted on proof of the current phone that they gave me one for the conversation I was having). I’m not even sure the first call in August gave me a confirmation number…so today, it became my word against theirs. The whole thing was rather amusing, in a nasty we’re trying to nickel-and-dime-ya sort of way. Only the nickel-and-dimes added up to $100 bucks. Which is a fair amount of groceries.

Did I get any of my money back? No. And in a way, I blame myself (which is pretty pathetic, if you really think about it). But you bet I’m now going to look in all my files for a confirmation number for my phone call in August, and if I find it, they’re getting another phone call.

Moral of the story: when you call tech support, make sure you get lots of evidence that a). you called them and b). what was discussed.

Oh, and Verizon customer service sucks.





my big backyard #2


Note: this is actually our frontyard, where our snowbanks have turned into pools of water as the warm winds bring rain…supposedly we’re getting hammered again this weekend, to which my snow-shovelin’, money-lovin’ self says: “Bring it on.”



more rust and snow





my big backyard