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some homebrews

IMG_1992 copy
The first time someone asked me if I wanted to be in a band when I grew up, I laughed in their face. My friends had been reluctantly pounding out classical riffs since the days their mothers first held their diapered rears down to piano benches, whereas I was just starting to train my teenage ear to recognize notes that were not in key–a fact that many of the first musicians I played with were quite happy to point out.

That was a long time ago. Long enough ago to finalize my mirth at such an idea. Nope, unlike countless po-mo peers raising their eyebrows behind the coffee bar, guitar picks swinging on a tiny chain around their neck, I never wanted to be a rock star–which was rather fortunate, both for the inevitably-crushed would-be ego and for any hope of a financial future.

Instead, I chose “creative writing.” Yeah, about that…

Delusions of grandeur never deluded aside, I’ve enjoyed playing music with friends for years. Recently, Kirsten and I got the chance to acquire a very simple microphone interface for our computer, thanks to a few photography jobs (email me). It’s been a blast to hang out with some quite talented friends and help lay down a few of their tracks. And Kirsten has more talent in her humming than I do in all of my fingers, years upon years of practicing scales and all–she just grins a little bit when I play out of key. C’est la vie. I guess I’ll keep her around.

So while relatively few people read this site or click on my Facebook links in the grand scheme of things, I’m trying to not let my friends’ work sit dormant on my computer. I’m temporarily rotating a few in-progress demos through Purevolume (any recommendations for a better site to host more than four songs at a time for a very low cost?)┬áIn a world saturated by singer-songwriters, this is not too much more than a bunch of friends having fun.

Feel free to take a listen.



I have returned!

So said MacArthur. Whether I would be better off sticking to his first proclamation is yet to be seen…

Sixty hour work weeks killed my posting.

But I got a new lens, for a (freakin’ awesome) wedding I’m shooting next weekend. Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8, for those interested. Next up, the 30mm f/1.8 and the 70-200mm f/2.8. Anyone else want something shot?

And that new acquisition makes me excited.

Not to mention that I’m between part-time jobs…so with only my regular forty hr, I had a bit of time this week.










The difference between this and my old lens is already freakin’ amazing. I adjusted some light levels on two of these pictures and converted the one to BW….and that is all, which is amazing me.

Glass makes all the difference.

In quick movie blurb…

Lars and the Real Girl–terribly awkward to explain (and watch, initially) but terribly funny as a result. In a sincere, heart-felt kind of way, a la Juno. I agree with critics who herald the church/community aspect as the most redeeming part of the film, far above and beyond any metamorphosis in Lars himself. I highly recommend it.

In music, the new Hammock is out–and they’re a band I cannot get enough of.

Sixpence is making new music. Which is good. But they’re featuring more songs from Leigh, whose voice I grew up loving…but past experience with her lyric ability makes me grow dubious (with the exception of the great song off the self-titled). Both Sixpence and OTR continue making noises about being less literary and less esoteric. Newsflash: that’s why we love you, guys. Keep the musical, lyric, and artistic exploration and allusion going, or this is one hardcore fan, at least, who will continue to put your latest releases on the bottom shelf with much chagrin. And tears. I’m not asking for sad songs, or that you deny where you are in life or your true artistic self, (etc), but please. Pretty please.

Finally, in light of Myanmar, I strongly recommend the old favorite, Feed the Children