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Netflix Monday: “The Parking Lot Movie” and “Darkon”

Some quick recommendations for Netflix streaming…

The Parking Lot Movie: It’s hard to know how much of my enjoyment of this film resulted from the prior suspicion that a documentary about a parking lot just couldn’t be very…exciting. So any entertainment that happened despite the odds was naturally bound to be that much more impressive.

And there was plenty of entertainment. Each of the characters featured were (thankfully) self-aware, yet beguiling engrossed in the microcosm of paved-real estate that provided them with employment. And let’s face it, there are days where chasing down a frat-boy-driven SUV and giving it a well-placed kick in the tail-lights would be rather therapeutic.

Yet, if Parking Lot’s characters were comical hipster-philosophers, Darkon featured true believers (from single parents to stay-at-home dads to military members) whose earnest passion for LARPing (etc) wasn’t charmingly comical in quite the same way.

That’s not to say that the sight of grown adults hitting each other with foam weapons and sewing felt costumes ever gets old, of course…

Anyway, what’s curious is that both documentaries clearly set out to examine and question “reality. As one character in Darkon says to a skeptical friend, “the little world is just as important as the big world.” Hmm, ok.

Possible delusions aside, it’s a quirky discussion whose construction purposefully follows close on the steps of such excellent (true) stories as Air Guitar Nation and King of Kong–and it’s none the cheaper for it. The communities these two documentaries featured provides a truly fresh, respectfully wry lens on identity, conflict, and creativity.

So as long as filmmakers keep finding these people, I, for one, will keep watching.

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