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Trip West: 7



Portland. My dad told us a joke where a stranger meets a little boy and asks, “hey sonny, does it always rain here?” The kid thinks for a while….”I’m not sure, I’m only six years old.”

(insert groans)


Windstorm in Seattle




The BSG exhibit at the EMP in Seattle was sort of cool…if you had just finished watching the series, that is. (I had). I only finish the finale had been over as fast as the exhibit was.

Needless to say, there were lots of really nerdy people there.



The place, we decided, would be awesome if you weren’t any sort of musician. Or if the demos you could record in their “studios” were free w/the price of admission (which was set at recording-industry levels of heart-clutching, wallet grasping, sell-a-kidney-ing. Maybe the nearly-empty building was a worthy symbol for rock and roll, after all…) Anyway, if you were a musician, you’d probably enjoy going to your local guitar center more. (Note the lack of music-paraphernalia pictures here. Jimmy’s shards just didn’t do much for me.)


The outside of the building was much more impressive.




One response

  1. Great photos – you’ve definitely covered the prevailing mistiness of the Northwest very well!

    January 30, 2011 at 4:38 pm

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