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Cstone ’10: Friday!

Whoops, this slipped through the cracks for a while…been busy traveling to Pittsburgh, reading papers, stimulating young minds with my dazzling intellect, etc.


Hipsters watching Timbre play yet again.


Paper Route rockin’ the theremin.


The crowd was definitely into it. A very high energy show…


…which was only helped by numerous trips to the mini- drum-set above the piano.


Children 18:3 bringing their uniquely fun, cheesy, trash-punk to a sweaty tent somewhere at the festival.


Eisley packed out the Gallery Stage, complete with people lining up around the sides of the tent.


And put on what was perhaps the most solid show I’ve heard from them yet.


It’s definitely worth mentioning that earlier in the day, their little sister put on a quite decent acoustic set…


The always sultry Over the Rhine came on last, for their second set of the festival.


Ex-VOL Kenny Hutson tore it up, as usual.


All in all, a very solid show–and it was great to hear some drums again, after the last, stripped-back show we saw them at in NC. Oddly, the MC spurted on stage after the set and called it a night, despite rumors that there was at least a three song encore planned. By that point, if nothing else, everyone around us seemed royally tired out…and OTR’s famously prickly attitude toward music festivals and the events’ accompanying foibles had already been fully displayed that evening. Who knows.


There was more going on the next day, but we had to be back in DC before too long. And so it was time for the 16+ hours back to the east coast.


One response

  1. Matt Rooke

    I don’t read your blog very often, Josh; though I probably should, very entertaining. Anyway, you definitely took a photo of my brother at C-stone and captioned it “Hipsters watching Timbre play yet again.” Amazingly small world…the hipster world, that is.

    November 22, 2010 at 12:55 pm

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