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Ron Chevalier, anyone?

Some friends and I recently started an informal, lowkey scifi discussion group. Why? Well, mostly because we are pasty-faced nerds…but also, I think we’re all trying to weigh just how “literary” scifi can be.

But forget its literary qualities. Let’s talk about cover art.

One of our first reads was The Forever War–a longtime bestseller and winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards (the latter being a label that doesn’t exactly bolster the public’s scifi image, IMHO).

It’s actually a good book. Thought provoking, engaging, etc.

But it sure hasn’t had a good cover history.

No wonder scifi gets the rap it does! It’s hard to think about the story with images like these stuck in your head.

Oh well. At least it’s not as bad as some of the LOTR covers I’ve seen. But look at this!

While I’m pretty confident in my geekery, I have to admit, it was a little awkward to pull this out at a table at a crowded restaurant.

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