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The ongoing Evolution “debate”

Huxley's Illustration

I just read an interesting conversation the AV Club had with Richard Dawkins.

I think the most interesting thing he says this time is when he tries to clear up the idea that we’re descended from monkeys. Like ourselves and chimpanzees, our common ancestor lived about 6 million years ago.

Call me an ignorant pleb, but therein lies the problem with both Evolutionary Theory and Creationism.

THEY’RE RIDICULOUS. Whether it’s a Cosmic Being breathing life into dust or Biological Change occurring millions of years ago, both are Completely outside the realm of our understanding–if nothing else, by the sheer weight of time itself. Furthermore, something out of nothing is an inherently crazy notion–and both evolution and creationism start with Nothing. After all, Stephen Hawking has repeatedly suggested that the genesis of life on earth was started by an asteroid from another planet…

Therefore, I feel free to consider both of them with an equally open mind and respect both scientific inquiry and faith. I think they both make good points and in the end, if I continue to believe in a God that may or may not have said Bang at the beginning, does that make me that much stupider than any other human that speculates about what was going on a few million years ago?

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