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just a heads up

I recently discovered the radio show “This American Life.” It’s phenomenal.

Lo and behold, I was on my netflix account…and they’re streaming the accompanying tv show that I didn’t know existed.

So we watched an episode of season two.

And then another.

We’re up to six in two days. It’s phenomenal television. I can’t recommend it enough.

One response

  1. Jessica

    Josh –

    An FYI: it will become an absolute obsession. Seriously. Also, I have some best-of-type CDs from different This American Life episodes if you’d like to borrow them. And one last thing: Have you listened to Radio Lab? It’s (not really, but in my mind), like a science version of This American Life. Ob-session, truly. So good.

    October 24, 2009 at 12:16 pm

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