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it’s only rock and roll!

So yesterday Apple had one of their big tech conferences. You know, the ones that geek follow online in real time, feverishly hitting the refresh button on the browser to follow someone’s twittering…all the while salivating for some awesome new product they can lust after.

So what did yesterday’s big event entail? Radically new ipods? A cheaper macbook? The long awaited touch tablet?

No, just some new ipod games and a few ipod hardware tweaks. And then in the perfect coup de grâce for an event titled “It’s only rock and roll,” they invited Norah Jones to come out and close the evening with a song. Yep, nothing says badass rock like Norah Jones crooning into a mike.

Thanks for inviting me to that online event, Scott.

(Image courtesy of engadget)

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