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personal update

Last week, I used walkie-talkies at work. And used a miniscule video camera to peer behind walls.

Which was cool.

This past weekend, we went on a bit of a retreat with some friends off in the woods. I talked ’em into pulling a Palkovitz, and we tied an innertube to a jeep and took off across a snowy field at night in speeds in excess of thirty mph. With our headlights off. That was pretty darn fun.

This week it appears to look like my job situation is changing again due to contracts falling through, so I’m hitting the classifieds and the phone book. Next stop…hopefully not Walmart! As a sidenote, I find my reluctance/prejudice towards that kind of work intriguing.  There are definitely gas stations and retail stores hiring, but those are pretty much my last choice (at least for full-time employment). That said, I am more than willing to do it if that’s what it takes–but let’s hope I find something else. (chuckle).

In the meantime, I’m writing some more and continuing to research grad school applications.

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  1. Laura

    That was certainly a lot of writing. I’d reply with something profound, but I have to go and do some school work before I crash. Thank you for writing.

    Did you know that Gunnar A. worked at a Turkey Hill type store for 6 months or more and Scotty’s brother, whose been a doctor for years and years now, pumped gas for about a year after college. Hope you find something more satisfying, though.

    Say hi to the Kaj for me.

    February 26, 2008 at 9:38 pm

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