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Excuse my return to fanboy mode here for a moment…

For those that haven’t heard the rumors, Sixpence is reuniting. At least for a few shows this summer (none of which are near me). That said, if they bring Dale Baker and/or JJ Plascencio, my bank-account will be (even more) screwed. Because then I would simply have to go to Cornerstone, as I’ve been threatening to do for years.

That said, my greater hope is that they record again. Leigh’s solo album pretty much sucked (sorry for the French, but it was simply maudlin at best) and Matt has been laying low, apparently. But together…wow, it was great. He’s still one of my favorite songwriters of all time (up there with Linford Detweiler) and when coupled with Leigh’s Beautiful Mess-era singing…it was awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I just recently purchased the Iona Live from London DVD, thanks to Amazon Christmas money (thanks, you know who you are, kind benefactor). I’ve tried unsuccessfully to see this band everytime I travel abroad, so this is a welcome addition to our paltry DVD collection. Their tweaked synth pads are still the benchmark of organic keyboard sound for me, and the interplay between the Uilllean pipes and prog-rock sustained guitar is phenomenal. Not to mention that lady can sing. Wow. She has one of the fullest, yet clearest voices I’ve heard in rock’n’roll. The visuals to the two disc set are pretty darn good as well, although far from perfect due to a camera angle that intermittently displays a small static line and the utilization of a bad black and white cut every few shots or so. That said, I heartily recommend it for anyone who enjoys the band. As for the rest of you, check them out.


You can watch Radiohead perform the entirety of their latest album by linking off here.

And you can download some great live Muse here.

And you can watch Charlie Brown and friends lend some sugar here.

3 responses

  1. your little brother

    If you go to cornerstone, I am going with you. I’ve desperately wanted to go.

    January 18, 2008 at 12:13 pm

  2. I love Iona’s music! Almost as much as you and Kirsten…

    Good posts on your trip. I want more people pictures. Did you take any of them? But, you do have some wonderful shots of the area.

    January 18, 2008 at 3:06 pm

  3. Laura

    OK, here’s the deal: you go to Cornerstone and on your way back we meet somewhere near I-80 and 355 and I take anyone with the last name of Ambrose out to dinner.

    January 19, 2008 at 2:55 pm

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