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keeping up with the joneses

One of my favorite bands in highschool was Chasing Furies. Their one and only album, “With Abandon,” still grabs my attention with every spin.

I’ve been keeping tabs on their lead singer now from a distance, and it appears that she’s finally putting out her own cd. It definitely amps up the Christine Dente similarity (vocally) and doesn’t have the same edgy, random-noise infused groove of CF. But I’m listening, which means you should check it out too, if only to inspire you to listen to Chasing Furies again and mourn that loss of artistic direction.

Speaking of highschool, there was this other band that I always wanted to like but just never seemed able to break free of some of the worst cliches…namely, La Rue. That said, that guy with that (damn good) voice is doing his own thing now, and it sounds much more promising. Check it out and rejoice in new artistic direction.

One response

  1. Nate Roach

    I LOVE Chasing Furies. And I didn’t think I knew anyone that would remember LaRue. Very cool.

    November 25, 2007 at 1:36 pm

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