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Playing with a Nikon

So, having used Canon gear for the last five years or so, I’ve always been curious about the Nikon end of things. It always seemed that Nikon users got more images that inherently grabbed my interest, primarily due to color saturation and overall image quality. And I heard rumors that their controls were more intuitive, the Mac of cameras, if you would.

I borrowed my coworker’s D80 to give it a try.






While I didn’t do any scientific study, the images do seem warmer and more saturated to what I normally get with my Canon set-up. Yet, is this a function of the lenses I’ve had access to more than anything else? I suspect so…but chalk one up to Nikon.

That said, I was Not impressed with the controls on this sucker. It was at least as hard to use as any Canon I’ve used–probably harder than my mom’s Rebel, and certainly not as nice as my (dearly departed) 20D. Setting aperture and shutter speed wasn’t nearly as intuitive as I had been hoping it would be, and while the LCD menu was nice, it didn’t make me hop up and down.

Conclusion? Stay with my Canon preference and upgrade my lenses, rather than switch to a more expensive product line.

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