pictures. words (sometimes). blog nonsense.

Getting back…

To blogging? Perhaps.

A few links, for no reason at all (except those of a not-so-subtle nature (pimp-like in essence)):

Writing from our recent soils trip to Turkey and Jordan. Complete with pictures and belly-dancing tales.

My photo page. Wedding photos coming soon…rock’n’roll in the meantime, plus a sampling of other work.

Two great concerts: Kaki King and Over the Rhine. Good, good stuff.

Writer’s thought of the day: story about a weathered chimney sweep who tells stories past a wad of tobacco of a guy falling off a roof and biting his tongue halfway off. Or breaking all his bones. Or flying. Or singing and dancing on rooftops in London with a nimble-tongued, vaguely sultry dame named…wait a moment.

My girl is reading the “Sword in the Stone” to my delighted ears at the moment. (Have I mentioned she’s pretty hot?) …if I could write a book half as humorous, literate, poetic, and over-all brilliant as this one, I would die a very happy man.

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