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So apparently the only way I can change the css/html on this site is by upgrading. Very sneaky.

That’s not that bad, come to think of it. Now if the design ever sucks (the current font does, in particular, imho) I can just blame it on that.


Here’s a dude who has mp3s of Sufjan Steven’s (first?) band, Marzuki. Although everyone’s favorite indie man doesn’t sing on it, it’s interesting. Oh, and the brother of Dan Haseltine was a member.

In other music news, I continue to develop an (unhealthy? humorous?) interest in the Smashing Pumpkins, whom I’ve never sampled until this point in time. Their latest single, “That’s the Way” is…good, despite a truly awful video.

If something catches your interest, you can say that it’s been piqued. Not peaked. Just found that out today after asserting it was “peaked.” I guess I had been climbing over too many of them recently. And thus the English major continues to lose any confidence in his degree.

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